How Correct Weight Racing Works

The Correct Weight Racing tips are a product of thousands of hours of form research and years of experience. Each tip that reaches your in box has passed over 25 points of criteria to become a CWR qualifier.

CWR selections are formulated using many statistical based facts and is based on an each way betting strategy. The most consistent results are achieved by using the 50% win/50% place wager. Whatever your total outlay for an individual bet is going to be we advise using this ratio. If you like to ride the rollercoaster the profits are actually higher again if you wager 100% of your bet on the win though the peaks and troughs will be steeper if wagering this way.

Our strike rate is exceptional and returns excellent. Need proof then check out our results to back our claims!

We provide links within our website for you to sign up with the best bookmakers in the country and urge you to do so as they simply provide you with the very best odds therefore giving you the best returns. We only promote the best so take advantage of the many sign up offers and try a few different bookmaker accounts until you settle on the one that is for you. At CWR we run up to 3 different accounts and even though we have our one preferred bookmaker we scan the race day promotions for the opportunity to add more value when it is on offer.

Correct Weight Racing membership:

Each new membership receives a free 2 week trial. Membership is $47 for 3 months(13 weeks) which will give you access to receive selections for any metropolitan race day run at either Ascot or Belmont in Western Australia. These selections will arrive by email by 12.30 pm (AEST) on the day of the race meeting. Mid week metropolitan meetings run maiden races which CWR doesn’t risk a wager on therefore limiting the amount of qualifying races so on the rare occasion we might not have a mid week selection.